How to Type the Pi Symbol

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The value of Pi was first approximated around 2000 BC.
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Insert the Pi symbol in Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 using an Alt code or the Character Map utility. Alt codes can be used to type characters that are not associated with a key on your keyboard. The Character Map utility contains the characters of all the fonts installed on your system. The Symbols font contains the Pi symbol. Alternatively, you can copy the Pi symbol from a Web page and paste it wherever you need it. You can type the Pi symbol on Mac computers as well.


Type Pi Using Its Alt Code

Type the Pi symbol in any text editor or text field by using its Alt code. To use Alt codes, Num lock must be activated; press the "Num Lock" key at the top of the numeric keypad to activate it. Place the insertion cursor where you want Pi to appear, hold "Alt" and type "227" using the numeric keypad. The symbol is inserted when you release the "Alt" key. You cannot use Alt codes with the top-row keys on a standard keyboard.


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Type Pi Using the Character Map

Type "Character Map" on the Start screen in Windows 8 -- or in the Search box in Windows 7 -- and click "Character Map" in the list of results to launch the utility. Select the "Symbol" font from the Font drop-down box and then locate Pi at the end of the fourth line of symbols. Click the symbol, click "Select" and then click "Copy" to copy it to the clipboard. Paste the symbol anywhere you need it by pressing "Ctrl-V." The Character Map utility enables you to type many other special characters.



Other Ways to Type Pi

In text editors that allow you to change the font -- including Microsoft Word -- select the "Symbol" font and press "p" to insert the Pi symbol. On a Mac computer, hold the "Option" key and press "p" to type the Pi symbol.




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