How to Make a Footnote for a Website

According to Bedford / St. Martin's, the Web is still developing and creating a website footnote is not yet standard. Even though the correct format has not been defined, there is a common way to accomplish this. Footnotes are an essential part of writing, because they give credit to the derivation of any work that is adopted, condensed or restated. By including website footnotes in your research, you help lend credibility to your work and allow readers to access your sources to seek out more information.

Step 1

Go to the website for which you are creating a footnote.

Step 2

Record the Web page author (if available), Web page name, date the information was published on the Web page (if available), URL of the website and the date that you accessed this page.

Step 3

List the information in order using commas, for example, Anne Thrall, "A Brief History of Glass Blowing," 2009, (accessed June 02, 2009).

Step 4

Indicate whether the Web page does not have a publication date by entering "n.d." to stand for "no date." For example: Anne Thrall, "A Brief History of Glass Blowing," n.d., (accessed June 02, 2009).

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