How to Make a Heart Symbol in Photoshop

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Use the Photoshop tools at your disposal to create a heart symbol.
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Adobe Photoshop allows you to create a heart symbol in different ways depending on how you want it to look. The easiest method is to use one of the custom shapes that already feature a heart shape, but if you prefer a more creative look you can also use the Pen Tool, Paint Tool or Type Tool by inserting the correct Alt character code.


Custom Shapes

Adobe Photoshop already includes a custom shape in the form of a heart symbol. It is accessible by selecting the Custom Shape Tool from the Toolbar and then opening the Shapes drop-down box at the top of the screen. You can customize the heart shape further by selecting the fill color as well as the stroke color to determine what the color and outline of the heart must be. Determine the shape of the heart symbol by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor over the canvas and releasing when you are satisfied with the shape.


Pen Tool

The Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop allows you to create a heart symbol to your own specifications. Use the "Ctrl-R" shortcut key when working with the Pen Tool to enable rulers and "Ctrl-'" for a grid that lets you work with greater precision. Create an initial anchor point and then hold down the "Shift" keys while creating additional anchor points in the shape of a heart. Holding down "Shift" creates rounded curves while creating the anchor points, resulting in a better looking heart. Use the "Stroke Path" or "Fill Path" options after creating the heart shape to make it an outline or solid color.


Brush Tool

The Brush Tool is an option for creating a heart symbol if you prefer a freehand method. As with the Pen Tool, enable the rulers and grid for better accuracy. Divide the canvas in half by clicking and dragging from the top and left of the ruler which creates guide lines. Use these guidelines to draw half of the heart shape and then duplicate the layer using the "Ctrl-J" shortcut key. Select "Flip Horizontal" from the Transform Options menu and then use the Move Tool to join the two halves of the heart.


Type Tool

Instead of the heart symbol created with the Custom Shape Tool, you can also use the Type Tool in conjunction with an Alt Code. The color of the heart is set using the "Set Foreground Color" box and the size with the Font Size input box. Use a default font such as Arial or Times New Roman from the Font Family Box and then click the spot on the canvas where you want to insert the heart symbol. Press "3" on the numeric keypad while holding down the "Alt" key to create a heart symbol. Press "Ctrl-T" to active the Free Transform mode where you use the bounding box edges to modify the size, shape and rotation of the symbol.