How to Make a Rocker Sign on Facebook

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The "devil's horns" is a classic rocker hand gesture that you can replicate with keyboard symbols.

While the classic "rocker sign" is usually a hand gesture, it can also be a few simple keystrokes. Using a combination of symbols available on your computer keyboard, you can convey a number of different gestures, including "Rock On!" or the "Devil's Horns" -- also known as the rocker sign. That combination of keys is the same on Facebook as it would be in any typed communication.


Step 1

Log in to Facebook with your username and password.

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Step 2

Type "\m/" into your status update. If you want to do a "double devil's horn," type "\m/" twice, with one space in between.


Step 3

Click "Share" to send the rocker sign or "devil's horns" message out to all of your friends and family.



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