How to Make an XY Graph on Excel

By Zicheng Ren

XY graphs, also called scatter plots, are used to display values for two variables for a set of data. You can directly see the correlations and trends between the two variables in the diagram as they are plotted on the X and Y axes of a graph. Using Excel, you can add axis labels, values for specific points on the graph, a line connecting the points and other useful information.

Step 1

Open Excel 2013 and make a spread sheet using your data. For example, create a temperature conversion table. If you already have data stored, open that XLS file.

Step 2

Select a range of table cells to make into an XY graph. Click the **Quick Analysis** icon in the bottom right corner of the highlighted cells or type **Ctrl-Q** to view the options for creating charts.

Step 3

Choose **Scatter,** which is the same as an XY graph, under the **Charts** tab to create a graph using the data you highlighted. You can preview the graph before clicking by simply hovering over the selection.

Step 4

Click the plus sign beside the upper right corner of the graph and check items you want to add to the graph from the **Chart Elements** drop-down list that appears. For example, choosing **Data Labels** adds the values of the points to the graph.

Step 5

Click the arrow icon to view more options in the submenu. For example, choosing **Data Callout** displays the data from both X and Y axes.

Step 6

Edit the title of the graph by clicking the title box. You can choose from such formatting styles as font size, weight and color. You can also select **Axis Titles** from the **Chart Elements** drop-down list and click on the text fields to edit the font and text of each axis title.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can select a range of table cells and choose "Charts" under the Insert tab on the ribbon to access the chart selection instead of clicking the Quick Analysis icon.
  • Remove a table by selecting it and pressing the "Enter" or "Delete" key.