How to Add a Line to an Excel Stacked Chart

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You can use more than one chart type in the same graph to display your data.

Excel charts allow you to display data in many different formats. Lines, bars, pie pieces, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, stacked bars and different axes are some of your many options. Stacked bar charts show portions of wholes along an axis, such as inventory each month where the sections of the stacked bars represent what type of products make up that inventory. If you want to compare these bars to a maximum, minimum or goal line, it is simple to add a line chart to the same graph as your stacked bar chart.


Step 1

Right-click on your chart, and click the "Select Data" option.

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Step 2

Click "Add" in the "Select Data Series" dialog box under "Legend Entries."

Step 3

Enter the data range you want to use for the line graph in the "Edit Series" dialog box under "Series values." Click "OK," and close out of the dialog boxes.


Step 4

Click once on your new data series in the chart, regardless of the format the series defaulted to.


Step 5

Right-click on your highlighted data series, and click "Change Series Chart Type."

Step 6

Select the "Line" option in the dialog box, and click "OK."

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