How to Make Cell Phones Give Off Busy Signals All of the Time

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When avoiding telephone calls, it is often obvious to the person attempting to reach you. This is especially true if her calls are always routed to your voice mail box, or if the phone continuously rings with no answer. One way to make your avoidance less obvious is to reject the calls with a busy signal. Instead of hearing a ring, the caller automatically hears a busy signal, alerting her that your telephone line is in use. You have the option to reject specific calls or reject all calls.


Step 1

Visit your SmartPhone's "App Store." For the iPhone, tap the "iTunes" application to access the app store. For the Android, tap the "Android Market" application to access the app store. For the BlackBerry, select "BlackBerry App World" to access the app store.


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Step 2

Type "Reject Calls" into the applications search field. A list of call reject applications will appear in the search results..

Step 3

Read each application description to determine which ones enable you to reject calls with a busy signal. An example of applications that allow you to do this include Easy Busy, Advanced Call Manager, Privacy Manager and Twillio. Some apps come with a charge and others are free.



Step 4

Tap "Install" or "Download" -- wording varies by device -- to install the call reject application onto your phone.

Step 5

Open the call reject application. Configure the application settings to reject all incoming calls with a busy signal. The exact methods to configure the settings vary by application.




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