How to Make Faces Smaller in Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Adobe Photoshop has numerous icons that represent a wide array of different effects.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best known graphic design programs in the world. It is immensely versatile and allows graphic designers to apply an enormous range of effects to ordinary photographs. Users can blend images together or intensify their colors. They can also apply different special effects to photographs or alter the lighting. One of the most important techniques is the ability to manipulate the size of objects. This can be particularly useful if, for instance, you want to increase or reduce the size of a person's face for a professional head shot, or if you want to create a collage of people's faces.


Step 1

Open the image that contains the face you wish to shrink in Photoshop. Toward the right of the screen there is a box containing two columns of icons. This is your toolbox. The toolbox contains numerous icons, each of which can help you achieve a specific effect. Choose the dotted rectangle tool in the top left corner of the toolbox. This is the marquee tool.


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Step 2

Move your cursor to a point above and slightly to the left of the face in your image. Click your left mouse button and hold it down. Then slowly drag the cursor across the face. Photoshop will draw a dotted rectangle over the face. All the pixels inside this dotted rectangle are now selected, and any changes you make to the picture will only affect the pixels inside the rectangle.


Step 3

Choose "Edit" from the row of menus at the top of the screen. Choose "Free Transform" from the menu. The dotted rectangle will disappear and be replaced by a rectangle with solid borders and small squares at each corner. By dragging those squares, you can increase or decrease the size of the selected face.