How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop

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How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop. "Stretching" adds to the width but not the length of an image. It can create interesting effects. Photoshop is a popular image-editing program.

Step 1

Start Photoshop. From the File menu, select Open.


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Step 2

Locate the file you want to stretch, and click Open.

Step 3

From the Image menu, select Image Size. A dialog box will open.

Step 4

Select Percent from the drop down box next to Width. Increase the Width by a numeric value, such as 150 percent, by typing the value in the right-side box. Note that to increase the image, add it to the original value of 100 percent; so if you want to increase the image by 50 percent, enter 150 percent.



Step 5

Click OK to view the stretched image.

Step 6

If you don't like what you see, click Edit and then Undo to return the image to its original size.

Step 7

Save your photo when finished by clicking File and selecting Save or Save As.



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