How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop

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How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop. "Stretching" adds to the width but not the length of an image. It can create interesting effects. Photoshop is a popular image-editing program.

Step 1

Start Photoshop. From the File menu, select Open.


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Step 2

Locate the file you want to stretch, and click Open.

Step 3

From the Image menu, select Image Size. A dialog box will open.

Step 4

Select Percent from the drop down box next to Width. Increase the Width by a numeric value, such as 150 percent, by typing the value in the right-side box. Note that to increase the image, add it to the original value of 100 percent; so if you want to increase the image by 50 percent, enter 150 percent.


Step 5

Click OK to view the stretched image.

Step 6

If you don't like what you see, click Edit and then Undo to return the image to its original size.

Step 7

Save your photo when finished by clicking File and selecting Save or Save As.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access

  • Adobe Photoshop


As you make changes, the information in the dialog box will change to reflect height, number of pixels and other image property information. You can also increase the image by changing the number of pixels, the height/width in inches and other options using the drop-down box. Be sure that the Constrain box is checked to keep the image from becoming distorted, or uncheck it to see what happens. Check the File Size box if you will be using the image for a Web page or disk or are concerned about file size. Save your larger picture under a different name, such as imagel.jpg, to avoid losing the original. Larger images take up more space and take longer to load. Be watchful of file size. The longer an image takes to be resized by the program, the larger the image's file size will be.


Obtain permission before using any unlicensed or copyrighted clip art. Do not use images from another Web page without permission from the owner of the site.