How to Flip an Image in Illustrator CS5

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 offers unparalleled vector graphics editing. The program allows upsizing without the unclear pixelation commonly noticed in raster bitmap images. Among the numerous vector graphics tools is the ability to flip an image. In Illustrator, this effect is called "reflect," a name that implies usefulness for creating mirror images, such as water or mirror reflections. The Reflect tool can be used on any image or object.


Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 and load your image.

Step 2

Press "V" to activate the Selection tool.

Step 3

Click the image or an individual object.

Step 4

Right-click on the selection, point to "Transform" and click "Reflect."

Step 5

Click "Horizontal" to flip the image on a horizontal line, which makes the image invert vertically. Click "Vertical" to flip the image on a vertical line, which makes the image invert horizontally.

Step 6

Click "OK" to flip the image.