How to Make the Screen Brighter on a Laptop

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If you have to squint just to read what's on your laptop's screen, chances are your screen is not bright enough. Nearly all laptops these days let you adjust the brightness on your LCD screen and doing so might improve your overall experience with the computer. Not every laptop is the same, and the exact procedure for making the screen brighter will vary between brands and models. Keep in mind that the screen brightness on your laptop will likely affect the battery life.



Step 1

Go to your system's Control Panel or System Preferences to change the brightness setting. You should see a subsection called "Monitor Settings," "Displays" or something similar. Here you usually can adjust the brightness and other monitor settings.


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Step 2

Locate the "fn" button on your keyboard. This key is usually located in the bottom left-hand corner of your keyboard. Hold the "fn" key while pressing the key with a picture of a small screen and an up arrow (usually F4 on the keyboard). Doing so should raise the brightness on the screen.


Step 3

Look for a pair of buttons on your keyboard that have little pictures of suns on them. One sun is larger than the other. Press the key with the larger sun to make your screen brighter.

Step 4

Look for a button with a picture of a sun with an arrow pointing up. On many laptops this button is the same as F8 found on a row of buttons at the top of the keyboard. Press this button until you've achieved your desired brightness.


Step 5

Adjust the positioning of your monitor to maximize brightness. At certain angles the screen will be darker than others.

Step 6

Make sure your video drivers are updated. Go to your laptop manufacturer's website for more information on how to download the latest updated video driver.


Step 7

Plug your laptop into a power source. In many cases laptop screens are a bit brighter when they are plugged in and the battery is charging.


Keep in mind that your screen’s brightness is also dependent on the amount of light in the room at that moment. It might be difficult to see your screen if there is strong sunlight hitting it directly.