How to Make Your Own PSP Game

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You can develop your own homebrew games for the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) with the correct software and programming expertise. Using the C programming language, you can program games and applications. Learning C will take a lot of time and effort as it is a complex programming language, but it is necessary if you want to make your own games. As well as learning C, you will need a selection of software that will be used to code and test your games.


Step 1

Download and install Cygwin. When asked for an installation directory, choose "C:\cygwin." Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows, this is allows you to run certain Linux applications. This is where you will install your programming environment. Open Cygwin from the Start menu and leave it to run in the background.


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Step 2

Download the PSP Tool Chain package (see Resources). Download this to "C:\cygwin\home\USER" (replace "USER" with your computer user name). Switch back to Cygwin and type "tar zxvf psptoolchain-20050625.tgz" and press "Enter." Type "cd psptoolchain" and press "Enter." Type "" and press "Enter." When the error occurs type "svn update" and press "Enter."


Step 3

Type "./" and press "Enter." This will set up Toolchain. Toolchain is the main programming SDK for PSPs. This may take a few hours to completely install.

Step 4

Close Cygwin. Click "Start > Computer." Double-click "C" then "cygwin." Right-click "cygwin.bat" and click "Open with Notepad."


Step 5

Locate the following: chdir C:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

Replace the "bash" line with the following: set path=%path%;C:/cygwin/usr/local/pspdev/bin set PSPSDK=C:/cygwin/usr/local/pspdev bash --login -i



Step 6

Close the window and click "Yes" to confirm the save. This has set up your basic development environment for creating PSP applications.

Step 7

Open Cygwin again and when it loads type "mkdir game" and press "Enter." Type "cd game" and press "Enter." This is going to be your working directory.


Step 8

Click "Start," type "notepad" and press "Enter." There are two essential lines of code that are required to insert into every PSP code. PSP is programmed in C, and so you will need to learn the C programming language to be able to program. The essential lines that you must include are the following: #include <pspkernel.h> #include <pspdebug.h>


Step 9

Save this file in your "cygwin/game" directory as "test.c" (without quotes). This will store your game so that you can execute it in cygwin.




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