How to Get Roblox Running on Ubuntu

Run Wine to get Windows and Linux programs on a single platform.

Play the Roblox PC application in Ubuntu if you prefer to run a standalone game program rather than playing the game through a Web browser. Since the Roblox PC application is not designed for Linux use, running Windows emulator is necessary. Install the Wine Windows emulator program so that you can play the Roblox PC application in Ubuntu.

Step 1

Click the "Applications" menu item on the Ubuntu desktop dock and click "Ubuntu Software Center." Select "Edit Software Sources." Click "Other Software" and select "Add."

Step 2

Type "ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa" into the "APT Line" field and click "Add Source." Click "Applications," then click "Accessories." Select "Terminal."

Step 3

Type "sudo apt-get install wine1.3" at the terminal command line and press the Enter key. Wait for the command prompt to return and verify that there are no errors displayed in the command line output.

Step 4

Launch Mozilla. Type the Roblox download URL into the browser's address bar. Press the Enter key. Save the "Roblox" installation file to the computer and note the location where the download is saved.

Step 5

Go to the location where the Roblox file has been saved to the computer. Right-click on "Roblox.exe" and click "Open with other Application" in the menu that appears. Click the "Use a custom command" area.

Step 6

Write "wine" into the text field displayed and press Enter. Right-click on "Roblox.exe" and click "Open With" in the menu that appears. Select "Wine."

Step 7

Click "Applications," and select "Wine." Click "Programs" and then select "Roblox Studio." Click the "Tools" menu in the window that appears and select "Settings." Click "OK" in the window that appears. Click "Rendering," and select "graphicsMode." Click the drop-down box. Select the "OpenGL" option. Click "Close" and then click "OK" if a window appears.

Step 8

Click the "File" menu and select "New" to start playing Roblox.

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