How to Map a Hard Drive

We normally do not map a hard drive unless that drive happens to be on a network drive. The benefit of mapping a hard drive that is on a network drive is that you may access the shared drive or folders on the drive without having to type in the file path every time. This saves a lot of time for users in a shared networking environment. This article will teach you how to map a hard drive on your PC computer. You will learn how to map your hard drive for Windows Vista. You will also learn how to map your hard drive in Windows XP. You can use the same methods in this article for mapping any drive.

Map Your Hard Drive in Windows Vista

Step 1

Go to the Start menu. Open the Computer shortcut. This is done by clicking in the shortcut bar. The shortcut bar looks like an address bar in a web browser.

Step 2

From the toolbar, select "Map Network Drive." Click on it to open the mapping window. You will be prompted to select a drive and folder.

Step 3

Click on the drop-down list labeled Drive. Select the letter of your hard drive. The letter by default is "C". Click "Finish."

Step 4

To map to another computer's hard drive, type in the folder text box "\" followed by the IP or computer name you want to map to. Click "Finish."

Map Your Hard Drive in Windows XP

Step 1

Click on "My Documents" from the Start Up menu.

Step 2

Click on the Tools drop-down menu. Select "Map Network Drive".

Step 3

Select the drive letter from the list box labeled "Drive". Select the folder you want to connect to in the hard drive. Click "Finish".

Things You'll Need

  • PC computer

  • Windows (Vista or XP)