How to Map a Sharepoint Site in Windows Explorer

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Microsoft Sharepoint is a useful program for sharing and viewing files in a team setting.
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Microsoft Sharepoint is a useful program for sharing and viewing files in a team setting. It allows for customized editing controls and the ability to work through projects as a group without pushing documents back and forth via email. You can easily map or add a Sharepoint site to File Explorer using a few simple steps.


Using File Explorer

File Explorer makes it simple to manage files and folders used in Sharepoint. You can simply copy and paste or drag and drop these files and folders within the File Explorer settings rather than work through the Sharepoint settings. The process is simplified and easier to manage and utilize.

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While using File Explorer, you are essentially working with individual files and folders rather than mapping the entire Sharepoint site. To manage files in this way, you will use the Open in Explorer command to view the file in the Windows file explorer environment. For individual files, however, the File Explorer is being underutilized and expanding to a full mapping system will integrate everything into one place.


Map to Windows Explorer

Rather than using File Explorer for individual files and folders, mapping the entire site to the File Explorer settings will bring everything into the same arena and create some serious efficiencies through your Sharepoint program.

Open Internet Explorer and enter the Sharepoint site to open the program. Make sure you are logged into Microsoft Office and Sharepoint to move forward with the mapping. Access the documents library and choose the entire library to map everything or a specific folder for more specific mapping needs.


Click Library followed by the folder and choose to Open with Explorer to open it within File Explorer. Now, copy the folder address and right-click to generate a list of options. Select This PC and Map Network Drive to begin the mapping process. Lastly, click Connect to a website that can store your documents and pictures and select OK to map out the Sharepoint folder in File Explorer.

You can customize the mapping for the entire Sharepoint site or individual folders. When doing the entire site, you are mapping Sharepoint as a Network Drive which is a highly effective means of managing folder groups.


Map as Network Drive

Mapping the document library as a network drive creates a very high level of convenience. You can essentially use the document library like any drive and move, edit or adjust files and folders as desired. Execute this process by opening the document library and copying the URL associated with the library.

Next, locate the network setting in Windows Explorer and right-click to generate a drop-down list. Select Map Network Drive to open a dialogue box where you will create the mapping settings. Within the dialogue box, select the text link labeled Connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents or pictures and a secondary dialogue box will open. Click Next to reach the Add a Network page and paste the library URL in the box on this page.


Now the URL is placed in the correct location but it requires a quick formatting edit. Remove the HTTP: section and leave the // markings at the forefront of this URL. Lastly, name the network and click OK to create the new mapping system. Now you can simply use the document library like a network drive. For many users, this method is preferred to add a Sharepoint site to File Explorer methodologies.