How to Match Data in Excel Spreadsheets

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You can match two spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool for data analysis, and it can be even more useful when workers are able to match two spreadsheets side-by-side. Matching two separate spreadsheets is one of the best ways users have to spot erroneous data, analyze differences in information and make sense of complex data. Microsoft Excel provides a feature designed specifically to allow users to compare and match two spreadsheets side-by-side.


Step 1

Log on to your computer and open Microsoft Excel. Open the first spreadsheet you want to match.

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Step 2

Open the second spreadsheet. Once both spreadsheets are open, click the "Window" menu.


Step 3

Choose the "Compare Side by Side" option to see both of the spreadsheets side by side. Place your cursor on the top bar of each spreadsheet and move it around in the window until it is in the position you want. Do the same with the other spreadsheet until you can easily see them side-by-side.



Step 4

Scroll through both spreadsheets, looking for differences in the data as you go. Note any changes that need to be made in one or both spreadsheets, then save both spreadsheets to preserve your changes.



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