How to Play MP3's on an Audible Player

Techwalla may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Learn more about our affiliate and product review process here. is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides over 85,000 audiobooks in 6 languages and categories as varied as religion, politics, the arts and humor. Audiobooks are copyrighted books read aloud, usually by either the author or a celebrity. These can be saved on a computer and transferred to a portable player that enables a user to listen to them on the go. Audible has its own audio player software, which is compatible with most operating systems.


Step 1

Go to the device center on the Audible website (see Resources) . Under the "Device Center" heading, find the drop down menu labeled "Select Device brand."

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Step 2

Click on the arrow and find the brand for which you want the Audible player. If there is more than one model of your device, a list of choices appears when you select the brand.


Step 3

From the list of devices, find your model and click the link to its right, labeled "Click Here to Download Your Software."


Step 4

Allow the download to install. It will say "Finished" when the player is installed. Choose the MP3 file you wish to play and right-click on it. One of the choices presented is Audible Player. Select it, and the file opens in the Audible player.



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