How to Plug a Microphone Into a Guitar Amp

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Microphones can be plugged into a guitar amp if they have the correct type of jack.

Professional audio equipment can be extremely expensive. Even cheap public address (PA) systems tend to cost at least $200. Sometimes spending this money just isn't practical, especially when you are starting up a new band or simply delivering a speech at a relatively small gathering. Instead, you can create a makeshift PA by plugging a microphone into a guitar amp. The act of plugging your microphone into your amp will depend on the type of plug at the end of your microphone.


Step 1

Examine the plug at the end of your microphone. If it looks like the plug at the end of your guitar chord (a 1/4 inch jack) you can plug it straight into your amp. If it has a larger plug with three visible metal prongs on the inside it is an XLR connector. You will need to buy an XLR to a 1/4 inch jack converter to plug it into your guitar amp.


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Step 2

Buy a converter piece if needed. XLR to 1/4 inch jacks can be bought at most music and electronic stores. In the rare case that your microphone has an 1/8 inch jack, you will have to buy a 1/8 inch to a 1/4 inch converter.


Step 3

Attach any converter pieces necessary and then plug the 1/4 inch jack into the input on your guitar amp. Make sure the microphone is turned off before turning on the amp.




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