How to Add a Microphone to Your Car Stereo

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Although your car stereo is made primarily for music purposes, you can attach other devices to the system. Depending on the available ports the car stereo system has, you can connect anything from a USB flash drive to an actual microphone. Computer microphones are usually the easiest to install, but you can connect a professional-grade microphone to your car stereo also, as long as your stereo system has an "Aux" jack. The jack looks just like the headphones jack on your MP3 player. Without the jack, you can't connect any microphone to your car stereo.


Step 1

Look at your car stereo to make sure you have the aux port. The port is usually located right on the front display.

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Step 2

Check the connection of the microphone you have. Computer microphones have a 3.5mm connection cable so you can plug these right into the aux port. However, a professional microphone has an XLR connection. XLR is about the size of a nickel and has three metal prongs.


Step 3

Insert the XLR to 3.5mm cable into the XLR end of the microphone.


Step 4

Plug the 3.5mm connection cable into the aux port on the car stereo.

Step 5

Turn on your car and set your car stereo to "aux." You can now talk into the microphone and hear yourself over the speakers.

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