How to Install a SingStar Microphone on a Computer

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SingStar microphones are made for the SingStar games for Playstation systems. But the microphones have a USB connection, which also allows them to work on a computer with USB capabilities. If you already own a SingStar microphone, you can use it to record audio on your computer. You can sing along with karaoke tracks on your computer or record your voice for presentations or music. Instead of purchasing a second microphone, use your SingStar microphone for your Playstation and computer.


Step 1

Insert the SingStar microphone into an available USB port on your computer.

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Step 2

Allow your operating system to automatically recognize and download any applicable drivers for the microphone. No drivers may be necessary, depending on your operating system. You will notice yellow notification boxes at the bottom-right corner of your screen. The installation is complete when you see the notification "New Hardware Was Successfully Installed."


Step 3

Click on "Start," then "Control Panel." Select your sound card; the name will vary based on the manufacturer. One popular card is SoundMAX. Don't click "Sounds and Audio Devices."


Step 4

Click the "Microphone" tab and choose "Standard Microphone" from the setup area. Press "Setup Wizard" and follow the directions. The directions will vary based on manufacturer. All manufacturers will require you to say something into the microphone to configure it to work with your sound card.

Step 5

Click "Finish" when the test is complete. Click "Apply" to apply the new microphone settings.




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