How to Test a Logitech Microphone

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Logitech produces a series of computer microphones that can be used to record memos, voice chat in various applications (such as instant messengers and games) or record audio from external devices. All Logitech microphones come with their own built-in drivers and require no installation. You still have to adjust the settings to your liking in the Windows control panel.


Step 1

Connect the Logitech microphone to your computer. If it's a standard microphone, connect it to the "Microphone" port on the back or front of your computer. If it's a USB microphone, connect it to any available USB port.

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Step 2

Adjust the microphone settings. If you're using Windows XP, click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. Click "Control Panel." Click "Sounds and Audio." Click the "Audio" tab. Click "Sound Playback and Sound Recording."


If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7, click the "Start" orb in the Windows taskbar. Click "Control Panel." Click "Sound." Click the "Recording" tab. Double-click the name of the Logitech microphone.


Step 3

Verify the "Mute" button is unchecked and adjust the outgoing and incoming audio volume for the microphone by moving the sliders. Click the "Test Microphone" button to record a sample. Click the "Record" button and speak into the microphone to test it.




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