How to Record Audio From Chrome

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Microsoft has included the Stereo Mix recording device within several versions of its Windows operating system. Stereo mix is a sound driver that acts as a microphone, but instead of recording external sounds like a traditional microphone would, it records audio being played within the computer. Therefore, Google Chrome users can make use of the Stereo Mix feature to record audio from a Web page. Stereo Mix can used as a microphone for any audio recording software, including Microsoft's own Sound Recorder.


Step 1

Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your taskbar and select "Recording devices."

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Step 2

Right-click in the blank area in the "settings" box and check "Show Disabled Devices."


Step 3

Right-click the "Stereo Mix" option and select "Enable."

Step 4

Right-click any other microphones listed and select "Disable."

Step 5

Click "Apply" and "OK."


Step 6

Click the Windows "Start" orb in the lower left corner of you screen and type "Sound recorder" (without quotes) and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Step 7

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the Web page from which you want to record the audio.


Step 8

Click the "Record audio" button.

Step 9

Wait until the audio has finished playing and click the "Stop Recording" button and select a location on your computer to save the audio file.



Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have a speaker icon in your taskbar, you can reach the "Recording Devices" control panel by clicking the Start Menu, selecting "Control Panel," clicking "Sounds" and selecting the "Recording Devices" tab.
  • Note that Microsoft's Sound Recorder is extremely limited in its functionality. You can use the same basic process to record from other free programs such Audacity or Fission, or a professional recording tool such as Pro Tools or Adobe Audition.



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