How Do I Stop DirecTV DoublePlay?

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With DirecTV's DoublePlay feature, users quickly toggle between two channels as the digital video recorder records content from both of them. DoublePlay launches with a press of the down arrow on the DirecTV remote, but you cannot simply turn off or instantly exit the feature. Pressing the remote's "Exit" button, for example, has no effect. DoublePlay halts automatically if it is not used for two hours. If you can't wait that long, you can disable or bypass the feature.


Disable DoublePlay

The easiest way to disable DoublePlay is to power down the DVR; the receiver must remain off for at least five minutes to end the DoublePlay session. Running a System Test, accessed by pressing the remote's "Menu" button and selecting "Settings & Help," also stops DoublePlay. In addition, DoublePlay ceases if the DVR must access one of its tuners to record a previously scheduled program.


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Bypass DoublePlay

Rather than disabling DoublePlay, bypass it by not using the remote's down arrow button during the viewing session. Change channels through the channel guide or by using the Channel button as you would normally. Keep in mind that you retain access to all subscribed channels during DoublePlay, not just the two initially used with the feature, but a newly selected channel replaces the previous channel in DoublePlay.





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