How to Disable Subtitles in DirecTV

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On many of its latest receiver models, DirecTV now offers its own subtitles, in place of the standard closed captioning text. These subtitles are designed to be slightly easier to read and, according to DirecTV, be more visually appealing than standard closed captioning. If you have the subtitles turned on but no longer need them, you can go through the standard DirecTV menu to disable them.


Step 1

Press the yellow button on your DirecTV remote, which will be located underneath the arrow keys, to bring up the on-screen menu.

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Step 2

Press the right arrow until you are highlighting the "CC" menu.


Step 3

Press the down arrow to highlight the "Off" option that appears as one of three options under the "CC" menu. Press the "Select" button, located in the middle of the arrow keys, to make this selection. Your DirecTV subtitles will now be disabled.





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