How to Turn Off Captioning on a Vizio TV

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Closed captioning on a Vizio TV displays the text of what is being said in the show on the screen so individuals who are hard of hearing can enjoy shows without having to turn the volume up or skip a show altogether. If the closed captioning is more of a hindrance than a help, you can turn it off so you can see more of your screen. You can turn off closed captioning using the remote that came with your Vizio TV.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the Vizio remote.

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Step 2

Press the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight "Setup," then press the "Play/Pause" button.

Step 3

Highlight "CC" using the arrow buttons on the remote, then press the left and right arrow buttons until "Off" appears directly beneath CC.

Step 4

Press the "Exit" button to save your changes. Closed captioning is now turned off for channels pulled in over the airwaves.


This does not turn off closed captioning for devices connected to your Vizio TV, such as an optical disc player, a video game console or a cable receiver. Closed captioning appearing on your screen that is associated with those devices must be turned off in the Settings application for each device.