How to Tune a Toshiba Regza

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Toshiba's Regza is a line of flat-panel, high-definition televisions that come equipped with anti-glare coating, anti-blur technology, dynamic backlight control and 12-bit video processing. To prepare the television for viewing, you must first run the device through a "tuning" process; otherwise, the navigation buttons on the remote will be unable to access the channels provided by your antenna or cable connection. Once you have completed this initial tuning process, the channel information will remain in the television's memory for future use.


Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the buttons on the television's remote control. In particular, you will need to use the "OK" and navigation buttons, located in the center of the remote, as well as the "MENU" button, located three rows below the navigation buttons.

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Step 2

Press the "MENU" button to bring up the main menu on your television's screen. Press the right navigation button repeatedly to select the option labeled "SETUP." Use the down navigation button to highlight the setting labeled "ANT/CABLE in," then press "OK" to confirm your selection.


Step 3

Use the left and right navigation buttons to cycle through the available options. Select "ANTENNA" if your television is connected to an antenna, or "CABLE" if you are using a cable connection. Press the "OK" button to confirm your selection, returning you to the "SETUP" menu.


Step 4

Use the down navigation button to highlight the setting labeled "Auto Tuning" and press "OK" to confirm your selection. Press the "OK" button a second time to begin the automatic tuning process. The television will now cycle through all of the available channels, storing any active channels in its memory.



Step 5

Use the down navigation button to highlight the "TV Settings" option from the "SETUP" menu. Press "OK to confirm your selection. Select the option labeled "Channel Options" and press "OK."

Step 6

Review the list of saved channels. You can configure the television to skip over certain channels by selecting the desired channel from the listing and pressing the "OK" button; this will place a check next to the channel, confirming that it will be skipped when using the "CH" buttons to cycle through all the available channels during viewing.



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