How to Program a Mitsubishi Television Without a Remote

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Mitsubishi televisions offer the technology to allow you to watch high-definition cable programming, DVDs and video-game consoles. These televisions come with a remote that helps users control all aspects of the TV. If you do not have a working remote, you can still program the television to save cable stations you get and block those you don't.


Step 1

Connect a coaxial cable to the rear of your Mitsubishi television. Connect the other end of the cable to your cable outlet on your wall. Turn on your television using the "Power" button located on the front panel under the display.

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Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the front panel. This brings up the menu on your screen that allows you to make changes to your television system. Press the "Vol" buttons to navigate up and down in the menu. Press the "Enter" button to select an option on the menu.


Step 3

Press the "Vol" down button to navigate to the "Setup" option and press the "Enter" button. On the next screen, move to the "Memorize Channels" option and hit "Enter" to begin the programming process.


Step 4

Wait while the Mitsubishi television begins to program your channel lineup. The television will search through all available channels, saving those that come in to your internal memory and blocking those that do not. You may have to wait several minutes for this process to complete. You can cancel the programming by pressing the "AV Reset" button on the front panel. When the process is complete, the television will tune to the lowest channel it has saved. Press the "CH" up and down buttons to move through your programmed channels.



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