How to Program a Sylvania TV

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Man laying down and holding a remote control in front of a TV.
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When selecting a television for your home cable system, you have many brands from which to choose. Sylvania makes many different models of televisions from small ones for your bedroom to big-screens for your living room. Regardless of the model you may choose, each Sylvania television can be programmed to work with your cable service, allowing you to store the channels you subscribe to in the memory of your device.


Step 1

Turn on the television by pressing the "Power" button on the remote. You will use the remote to access the menu and program your cable system with the device. Press the "Menu" button once it comes on to access the main menu for your television.

Step 2

Press the "Channel" up and down buttons to navigate up and down in the menu. Press the "Vol" up button to make a selection. Move to the "Channel Set" option and select it. In the next menu, move to the "Auto Preset Ch" and press the "Vol" up button.


Step 3

Do not press any buttons while the television begins to search for available channels. You will see each channel appear briefly on the screen as the TV moves through your cable system. Each channel that comes in will be saved while those that are static will be removed from the television's memory. When programming is finished, you will be returned to the first channel that the television saved.

Step 4

Press the "Menu" button and select the "Channel Set" option again. In this menu, select the "Add/Delete" option to manually add or remove channels. Use the "Ch" up and down buttons to select a channel and press "Vol" up to save it or delete it from the television's programming.