How to Tune a Sharp TV

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When you get your Sharp TV, tune your TV to your cable service, making it easier to surf through the channels while you relax. By tuning your TV, you can save the channels you receive with your service and block those you don't want to make your television viewing experience as easy as possible.


Step 1

Turn on your Sharp TV by pressing the "Power" button on your remote. Check that a coaxial cable is properly connected to the rear of your TV and the cable jack on your wall.

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Step 2

Push the "Menu" button on your remote.

Step 3

Using the "Channel" up and down buttons, move down to the "Channel Set Up" option and press the "Volume +" button to select it.

Step 4

Use the "Channel" buttons again to scroll to the "Auto Preset Ch" option and press the "Volume +" button to select it.


Step 5

Your TV starts to tune by scanning through all of the available channels that you can pick up through your coaxial cable and the built-in antenna. You see this process happening on your television. The TV saves channels you receive and blocks those you don't. Do not press any buttons or turn the TV off during the process. It might take several minutes to complete.



Step 6

When the tuning is finished, the TV stops at the lowest channel that was saved. Using the "Channel" up and down buttons you can move through your saved channels. To go to a channel, enter the number of the channel using your number pad in the center of the remote.

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