How to Scan Channels on a Mitsubishi DLP TV

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After setting up and installing a Mitsubishi DLP TV, channels must be scanned in order to store and program available channels. This is done through a program in the setup menu called channel memorization. Channel memorization is necessary as many digital channels will not be available to watch without completion of this process.


Step 1

Press "Menu" on the remote to open the main menu on your television.

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Step 2

Use the down and up arrow keys on the remote to navigate throughout menu selections. Highlight the "Setup" icon; this displays the Setup menu. Press the right arrow key on the remote to highlight the "Scan" icon.


Step 3

Choose your television input method. Choose "Ant 1 Air" or "Ant 2 Air" for connections to an indoor or outdoor antenna. Choose "Ant 1 Cable" or "Ant 2 Cable" for direct cable connections without a cable box. Press the right arrow on the remote key to highlight the "Start" button located on screen.



Step 4

Press "Enter" on the remote to begin automatic channel memorization. You can press "Cancel" to stop channel memorization at any time.

Step 5

Hit "Menu" twice when channel memorization is complete to return to the main menu, or press "Exit" to watch television.



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