How to Program a Sharp TV Without a Remote

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You can program your Sharp TV without a remote.
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Sharp television sets are in many homes across the country. This company has been making TVs and other electronics for many years. Sharp TVs can be programmed to store channels that you subscribe to and block out the ones you don't, making flipping through your cable channels as convenient as possible. This process is usually done with the remote that comes packaged with your Sharp TV, but sometimes the remote can't be found when you need it or no longer works. If this is the case, you can still program a Sharp TV without the remote.


Access Cable Mode

Turn on your Sharp TV using the "Power" button on the front of the display. This button will be on the far left side of the buttons and is labeled as such.

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Press the "Input:" button on the front of the Sharp TV. This will change the input from whatever mode you were on to "Cable" mode. If your television is already on this mode, you do not need to press the "Input" button. Press the input multiple times if needed to reach the screen labeled as input.


Press the "Menu" button on the front of your Sharp TV. This will allow you to access the menu for your television without a remote. When the menu appears on screen, use the "Channel" buttons to move up and down, the "Volume" buttons to move left and right and the "Input" buttons to select items. Scroll down to the "Initial Setup" option and push "Input."

Move to the "EZ Setup" option and push "Input." You will begin the programming process. Select the language for your television with the "Channel" buttons and press "Input" to select a language.


Select "Home" on the next screen with the "Input" button, then select the "Antenna and Cable" option. Next, select whether you are using a cable service by choosing "Cable" or picking up channels with an antenna with the "Air" option.

Select either "Start" if you selected "Air" in the previous step or choose "Analog and Digital Search Start" if you selected cable. The Sharp TV will then begin searching for channels that it picks up and you are able to watch. The television will cycle through channels on its own, storing those that come in clearly. Do not press any buttons during this process.


Confirm the Changes

Check the settings on the confirmation screen that appears when the channel search process is finished to make sure they are correct. The number of channels your Sharp TV found will appear here. Hit the "Input" button on the front of your television to finish the process.

At this point, your Sharp TV is programmed and a remote control was not needed. Programming is much easier with a remote control and you can purchase a standard remote and connect it to your television in a mater of minutes. Consider buying a new remote control for future programming needs although it's not an absolute necessity and you can access the Sharp TV menu without remote controls.