How to Scan Digital Channels

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Scanning for digital channels on your TV is done by the remote.

Your TV will not get digital channels if you do not program the digital stations to your TV. You can program the digital channels by running a digital channel scan. The entire process is completed from your remote control and does not require any tools. This task only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and then you will be able to enjoy digital channels on your TV.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your TV's remote control. Use the directional buttons to scroll to the "Channel" section of the menu. The directional buttons are usually labeled with arrows representing the direction of their function. Press the "Enter" button on the remote to move on to the "Channel" menu.


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Step 2

Use the direction buttons to navigate to the "Channel Scan" option on the "Channel" menu. Press the "Enter" button to select the Channel scan option and to be taken to the "Channel Scan" menu.

Step 3

Use the directional buttons to navigate to the "Channel type" option on the "Channel scan" menu. You are then able to choose one of three options: "Analog," "Digital" or "All Channels." Choose either "Digital" or "All Channels" by highlighting the option and pressing "Enter." The TV then begins scanning for your digital channels. Wait for the scan to complete, then exit the menu and start surfing through your new channels.





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