How to Set Up a Sharp HDTV

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Setting up your Sharp HDTV takes only a few moments.

Sharp is an electronics companies that produces many products, including a line of HDTVs that can view high-definition television shows, movies and video games. These televisions will offer you a world of entertainment once they are set up properly. Setting up a Sharp HDTV is an easy process that will only take a few moments of your time. You can program all of your favorite channels into your Sharp HDTV while blocking out the ones you do not receive in order to streamline your entertainment options.


Step 1

Remove your Sharp HDTV from the packaging and place it face-down on a soft, flat cloth or blanket. Slide the base of the TV into the bracket at the bottom of the TV and secure it using the screws that were provided with the TV and the screwdriver.

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Step 2

Place your Sharp TV where it will be permanently. Plug in the AC power cord that was provided with the television into the rear, with the other end in a wall plug. Carefully connect the other equipment you have to your television using audio/visual cables. Each input on the TV is separated and labeled on the rear of the television. Make note of what device is plugged into each input for future use.


Step 3

Insert batteries into the remote. Turn on your television using the remote control. When you turn on a Sharp TV for the first time, the initial setup process will appear on your screen. Press the "Enter" button to begin set up.

Step 4

Select your language, location and time zone. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrows to move up and down in these menus. Press the "Right" button to select an option and move to the next menu.



Step 5

Select the appropriate tuner setting using the same buttons. Select "Air" if you are using the built-in antenna or select "Cable" if you are using cable service through a coaxial cable.

Step 6

Select "Scan" on the next menu to begin the channel set up. Your Sharp TV will search through the available channels, saving those that you can pick up and blocking those that do not. This process may take several minutes. Do not press any buttons while this is going on. When the channel scan is complete, a screen will appear saying "Initial Setup Complete." Press the "Enter" button to exit the menu.

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