How to Remove a Flat TV From Wall Mounts

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Most models of flat screen televisions have metal hooks on the back. These hooks connect to a metal mounting bracket mounted to the wall, which supports the weight of the TV. A flat metal rod slides through the frame of the hooks, locking the TV in place on the wall mount. The metal rod must be removed before the TV can be taken off the wall mount. No tools are needed to remove the TV, but you will need a friend to help you lift the heavy TV off the wall.


Step 1

Look on the rear of the flat screen TV and locate the thin metal rod securing the TV's hooks to the wall mounts.


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Step 2

Pull the metal rod out. Note the metal hooks that hold the back of the TV on the wall mounts.


Step 3

Grab the bottom right corner and the top right corner of the TV with your hands. Have your friend grab the bottom left corner and the top left corner. At the same time, lift up on the flat screen TV, raising the TV's hooks off the wall mount. Pull the TV away from the wall.