How to Add an Echo to a PC Microphone

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Add an echo to get some attention.
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Adding an echo to your voice can be a great way to enhance your podcasts, YouTube videos and other online media because the emphasis captures your listener's attention. To create an echo, use downloadable software such as Audacity and Voxal Voice Changer.


Audacity and Voxal

Audacity is a free audio-editing program you use to record and manipulate sound files. To add an echo effect to a previously recorded audio, select Effect from the top Audacity menu and then select Echo. A dialog box gives you two controls to shape how much to delay each echo and how long the echo effect lasts before it disappears. At this time, Audacity only works with recorded files and doesn't produce live effects. To create an echo as a live effect, Voxal Voice Changer is available as a free trial and for a $20 fee. Voxal applies an echo effect and other distortion effects to both live audio and sound files. To do this, click New, name your new voice and then add Echo to the list of effects for this new voice.

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