How to Change Your Voice Into Soundwave From Transformers

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The Decepticon Soundwave, from the acclaimed series "Transformers," has been noteworthy since the series' inception for his unique, modulated voice. A mixture of dramatic human voice acting and unearthly, robotic sound manipulation, Soundwave's voice has inspired many to try to duplicate the unique sound. Advances in recording programs allow you turn recordings of your own voice into nearly pitch-perfect replicas of Soundwave's distinctive pattern in mere minutes.


Step 1

Download and install Audacity, which should take only a couple of minutes. Leave all the default settings as they are.

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Step 2

Plug your USB microphone into the appropriate port and wait until your computer installs its operating software.


Step 3

Open Audacity and press the big, red, round "Record" button.

Step 4

Record an audio track of your voice, saying whatever you want. Soundwave usually said things of varying dastardliness, but you're free to record what you like.


Step 5

Click the small arrow to the left of the audio track and choose "Split Track." Replace the right-hand track with a solid sound, like the "White Noise" or "Chirp" functions found in the Effects menu.


Step 6

Click the small arrow next to the left-hand track and choose "Make Stereo Track."


Step 7

Select the entire track and choose the "Vocoder" from the effects menu. Raise the number of vocoder bars by 35 points and hit "OK." Your track will render, and your voice will become Soundwave's.

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