Blue Snowball Is Not Recognized by My Mac

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The Blue Snowball USB condenser microphone for desktop audio recordings is compatible with Mac OS X operating systems. However, problems with hardware and USB connections can prevent the Mac from recognizing it correctly. Blue Snowball is a plug-and-play microphone that doesn't require third-party software to work. However, if the Mac won't recognize the dual capsule microphone, you will need to troubleshoot its connections to fix the problem.


System Requirements

Your Mac won't recognize Blue Snowball if it has a Mac OS X system that's incompatible with the microphone. Compatible Macs must contain a minimum of 64MB of RAM. In addition, the computer must have USB 1.0 or 2.0 ports to operate the device. Blue Snowball doesn't require a specific version of Mac OS X to work.

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USB Connections

Blue Snowball connects to the Mac using a USB connection. If the Mac can't detect the microphone, there's a problem with the USB connection. If the red light on the microphone doesn't come on, use a different USB port. If none of the USB ports respond, restart the computer to reset them. If you're using a USB hub to connect the microphone to the computer, connect the microphone directly to the computer because some hubs can't power the device.


Audio Preferences

If the Mac can't detect Blue Snowball when it's connected to the system, the microphone probably isn't the selected input device. Click the Apple menu, System Preferences and then the Sound option to access the operating system's sound settings. Click the Input button to view your sound input devices. If Blue Snowball is connected to the computer, the device appears in the Select a Device for Sound Input box. Selecting the device automatically makes it the default microphone.


Troubleshooting Tips

If the connection problem persists, try using Blue Snowball with another computer to see if the issue is with the microphone or the computer. Installing the latest system updates using Software Update on the Apple menu installs drivers and system components that can improve connections. If the computer is still unable to detect Blue Snowball, the microphone is most likely faulty, so contact the manufacturer for additional troubleshooting and possible repairs.