How to Make Apple Headphones & Mics Work With Computers

By Ruri Ranbe

Although most Mac hardware and software is not compatible with PCs, some Apple devices – like headphones, microphones, music players and mice – are compatible with Windows PCs, due to the popularity of Apple products. If your Apple headphones and mic aren't working with your computer, check the sound properties for each audio device to make sure that the volume levels are high enough to output sound.

Step 01

Click Start, then click Control Panel. Connect the headphones to the green-colored jack on the back of a desktop computer or to the frontmost jack on the left of a notebook or netbook.

Step 11

Connect the mic to the pink jack on the back of the desktop or to the second jack on the left of the notebook or netbook.

Step 21

Click "Sound." Select the "Headphones or Speakers" option, then click "Properties." Go to the Levels tab, then drag the slider under Audio Output to the right to turn up the volume on the Apple headphones.

Step 31

Go to the Advanced tab. Clear the check box next to Allow Applications to Take Exclusive Control of This Device, if checked.

Step 41

Click OK to close this box. Click the "Recording" tab, then click the "Microphone" option. Click the "Properties" button.

Step 51

Select the "Levels" tab, then drag the slider under Microphone to the right to increase the audio level on the Apple mic.

Step 61

Click OK to close Microphone Properties. Click the "Configure" button, then click "Test" to check sound output on the headphones.

Step 71

Click "Next." Follow the onscreen instructions to make the Apple headphones and mic work on the computer. Click "Finish" to close the wizard, then click "OK" to close Sound.