How to Fix Earphones When the Speaker Goes Out

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If you've recently plugged in your headphones and noticed that the typical sound projection had changed for the worse, you may be experiencing a faulty speaker. In today's age of inexpensive, lightweight headphone units, it is not uncommon for the delicate cables inside these products to be damaged through normal wear and tear. Although you may need to replace your headphones entirely in a situation such as this, there are also other circumstances which could result in your headphone speakers not working properly. Learning how to fix earphones and diagnose problems such as these can save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.


Fixing Your Earbuds: First Steps

If sound isn't coming out of your earphone speakers, your first step should be to check and ensure that your computer is projecting any sound at all. To do this, unplug your headphones while music or other audio is playing and make sure your volume is at an audible level. If your computer has functional speakers, you should hear sound being projected out of them. If you don't, your problems may be related to a faulty computer sound card rather than to your headphones.


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If sound plays from your computer speakers, your next step should be to clean the connection port for the headphones within your computer. You can do this by using compressed air and spraying it on both the headphone jack and the connection port on the computer.

Learning How to Fix Earphones

After cleaning your headphone connectors, try to plug them back in to the computer. If your speakers are still not functioning properly, your next step should be to try plugging the headphones into a different device. By testing a different sound source, you can determine whether the problem lies within the earbud itself or the device making the sound. If your headphones work properly in a new device, you must now diagnose the problem with the original hardware device. If your headphones are still not working, the chances are good that the speaker within them will need to be replaced.



Depending upon the value of your headphones, it may cost more to repair your earbuds rather than to replace them entirely. With that in mind, you should consult with a repair technician to determine the costs associated with fixing your headphones. Once you have a solid idea of how much repairs will cost, you can determine the best course of action.




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