How to Fix a Buzz in My Bose Wave

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Bose is one of the leading producers of high-end audio equipment. The patented speaker design forces the audio waves to travel further in the speaker, causing them to expand more, so when the audio reaches your ear, it sounds far better than most other audio sources. However, if you hear a buzzing noise emitting from the speakers, it means there is a connection error and it needs to be corrected.


Step 1

Power on the Bose speakers. You need the audio speakers to be on so you know if what you are doing is correcting the audio problem.

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Step 2

Check the speaker connections running into the back of the amplifier. Make sure the connections are completely inserted into the receiver. If the cables (or wires) are not, it is going to result in a buzzing noise.


Step 3

Inspect the wires and cables of the Bose speaker system. If there is a cut in one of the wires, you may experience a buzzing noise. Correct this by either taping off the cut with electrical tape or removing the cable and replacing it with a new one.


Step 4

Unplug the Bose receiver and plug it into a different power outlet. The power cable may not be receiving the power properly from the current port.


Step 5

Move the speakers away from other speakers (from other radio devices), keep your mobile phone away from the receiver, and move any other receivers away from the Bose receiver. All of these can effect the audio output of the speaker system and result in a buzzing noise.




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