Why Is My Microphone Buzzing?

Microphone distortion, such as buzzing or humming, can ruin the sound that you are recording. The cause of the buzzing sound could be from a variety of issues, depending on what type of microphone you are using and how you're using the device. To resolve the buzzing sound, you must troubleshoot your microphone.

Other devices near the microphone may cause a buzzing noise.

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Bad Connections

A loose connection between the microphone and the audio device, like an amp, speaker or computer, could cause a buzz or hum. Try tightening the connections to ensure that they fit securely. A secure, tight connection will not cause interference.

Sound Settings

Adjusting your sound settings could resolve a buzzing sound. Check that the microphone volume is not set too high, and turn off any boost options. Sound settings that are too strong may over amplify the sound and cause buzzing.

Microphone Distance

Holding the microphone too close to the sound source while using it may cause buzzing or distortion. Hold the microphone slightly away from your mouth while using it to reduce any buzzing or humming noises.

Electrical Disruption

Sometimes, other electrical devices near the audio system can cause a buzzing sound because the microphone picks up the electrical output. Keep the microphone clear from other electrical devices and move the microphone wire away from other wires to reduce the buzzing noise.

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