How to Troubleshoot Brookstone Wireless TV Headphones

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Weak transmitter range or interference from physical obstructions such as a wall may cause your Brookstone wireless TV headphones not to work as expected. When reception over the wireless network is impeded, the sound quality or volume in the headphones may be affected. The volume might be level for a few moments, then it spikes up, becoming too loud, and then drops to an inaudible level. In some cases, you might not hear any sound through the headphones. You can make the audio crystal clear with a few troubleshooting tips to enhance the sound on your Brookstone wireless headphones.


Step 1

Remove any objects obstructing clear transmission between your television set and the headphones, if no sound is coming through. If this does not improve the sound, go to the next step.

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Step 2

Verify that the cables between the transmitter, audio jack and TV set are hooked up and each jack is securely connected. If your headphones still do not work correctly, go to the next step.


Step 3

Operate your headphones within 20 feet of the transmitter. If you exceed this distance, the volume may fade or you may hear nothing at all in the headphones.

Step 4

Move away from the immediate vicinity of large windows or close the drapes. Sunlight can interfere with infrared transmission between the transmitter and the headphones.



Step 5

Remove and re-install the batteries or replace them. Old batteries may be too weak to power the headphones. Use two fresh batteries (don't mix a new battery with an old one).




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