How to Install TV Ears

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TV Ears send audio from your television directly to a convenient headset, using a wireless signal. TV Ears are perfect if you want to watch television without disturbing others. There are two types of TV Ears: wireless and non-wireless. The wireless model uses a receiver, which is simple to install. The non-wireless model simply connects to your television through an audio cable.


Step 1

Set your TV Ears receiver on your TV stand. The receiver works best when it has a direct, unobstructed path to your headset. Set the receiver in a convenient spot, where it is level with your head (when sitting).

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Step 2

Connect the audio cable to the rear of your receiver. Connect the opposite end of the audio cable to the "Audio Out" jacks behind your TV. If your television does not have the "Audio Out" jack, connect the cable to the "Audio Out" jack on the rear of your cable or satellite receiver.

Step 3

Connect the power cable to the rear of your receiver (12V connection). Plug the opposite end of the power cable to your wall outlet.

Step 4

Set your headset on the receiver's charging base. Let the system charge for at least one hour prior to use.



Step 5

Place the headset around your neck, with the headphones positioned in your ears. Turn the volume knob "On" and adjust the volume to your preferred setting.

Step 6

Turn the headset "Off" and set it on the charging base between each use.

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