Why Are My Computer Speakers Buzzing?

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Buzzing from computer speakers can have several causes.

Your computer speakers are buzzing, and you're not sure why. Here's a quick review of the possible causes and actions you can take to fix the problem.


What's Causing the Buzzing?

One possibility is that the audio cable coming from the speakers isn't correctly plugged into the audio-out jack of your computer. The volume may be set too high, or the audio file you're playing back is corrupt. The sound card may be broken, or the driver software is corrupt. The worst-case scenario is that the motherboard has an electrical fault.


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Another possible cause is cracked or torn speaker cones inside the speaker housing. If the speakers have a built-in amplifier, it may be at fault.

A less common cause is interference from other types of electronic equipment, such as radios, TV sets, cordless phones, cell phones, and other computers.


Isolate the Problem

Use a process of elimination to pinpoint the source of the problem; it will help you decide what needs to be done. The simplest test you can try is to turn down the volume. Try playing a different audio file. Next, try unplugging and then plugging in the audio cable coming from your speakers. Use a different pair of speakers. If they work properly, your sound card is probably not the cause. Replace the speakers.


Other Remedial Actions

Reinstall the sound-card driver software, if the sound card appears to be the problem. If that doesn't work, replace the sound card. If a new sound card does not fix the problem, the motherboard may have an electrical fault. Replace or repair the motherboard.


If a replacement pair of speakers buzzes, and your computer does not have an electrical fault, eliminate any possible sources of interference.