How to Add External Speakers to a Westinghouse Flat Screen TV

You can add speakers to your Westinghouse television.

You can improve the sound of your Westinghouse television by adding external speakers. Be advised: You'll need a special type of speaker to do the job. Westinghouse TVs, like all televisions, don't have powered speaker outputs. They output a preamp-level signal. This means you'll need a set of powered speakers, like those you use for a computer. Connection is simple and only requires a readily available adapter cable.

Step 1

Put the RCA plug on the adapter cable into the "Audio Out" jacks on the back of the television. Plug the white plug into the white jack; the red plug into the red jack.

Step 2

Connect the jack on your powered speakers' audio input cable into the other end of the adapter cable.

Step 3

Place one speaker on either side of the television. Point the speakers to where the television viewers will be sitting.

Step 4

Plug the power cable of the speakers into a wall outlet or power strip. Turn on the speakers' power when you want to use them.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA mini-jack cable

  • Powered speakers