How to Make a Speaker Louder

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If you have a home audio system and you're not satisfied with your speakers' volume levels, you can do several things to improve the performance of the speakers and make them play louder. All of these approaches may yield benefits to how loud your speakers sound.


Step 1

Check the position of your speakers. Where you put your speakers will have a big effect on the volume of the speakers. Make sure that furniture isn't blocking the sound output of your speakers, and position the speakers so that they are firing directly toward where you'll be listening to your music. Try "corner loading" your speakers as well--if the speakers are placed in the corners of the room, firing out, you'll get more powerful output because of reflected sound.


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Step 2

Check speaker wire connections and upgrade the speaker wire. If your speaker wire is frayed, poorly connected or of poor quality, your speakers won't perform as well as they can. Make sure the speaker wire is clean and connected well, or consider buying better-grade speaker wire--particularly if your speaker wire is thin and old.


Step 3

Add a powered subwoofer to your speaker system. A powered subwoofer will reinforce the low-frequency output of your speakers. These are the hardest frequencies to reproduce, and they require the most power. Once you've bumped up the volume of these frequencies, your volume will increase.


Step 4

Buy a better amplifier. Even the best speakers won't sound very loud if you don't have enough power going to them. Compare the manufacturer's power requirements for your speakers with your amplifier's specs. If you're underpowering your speakers, step up to a more powerful amplifier.

Things You'll Need

  • Speakers

  • Speaker wire

  • Amplifier

  • Powered subwoofer