Klipsch KG4 Specs

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Listen to your favorite music on speakers that fill the room

The Klipsch KG4 are a pair of floorstanding speakers designed to handle most home audio listening experiences; this can include stereophonic music listening or as a part of a home entertainment surround sound system. Klipsch KG4 speakers were introduced in 1985; they were discontinued in 1992 when Klipsch stopped manufacturing speakers.


Power Handling

The Klipsch KG4 speaker system provides 100 watts of continuous power per channel; each speaker has a maximum power of 500 watts. The speakers have a nominal impedance of 6 ohms, lower than the 8 ohms standard on most speaker systems; this means that these speakers may draw more power from their source and put out more wattage per signal. It is recommended that you check the compatibility of your stereo device with a 6-ohm impedance speaker.


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Frequency Range

The Klipsch KG4 speakers have a frequency range of 38-20,000 Hz, offering close to the full range of human hearing; they have a slight accentuation of high-range frequencies. Though some speaker systems offer frequencies as low as 20 Hz, frequencies between 20-38 Hz are not in continuous use and not much will be lost in home listening environments. These speakers are not, however, recommended as reference monitors for mixing due to the lack of low-frequency range.


Speaker Design

The Klipsch KG4 speakers are each fitted with a tweeter and two woofer diaphragms set in a medium-density fiberboard enclosure. The woofers are each 8 inches and the tweeter is 1 inch. The speakers have a two-way design, meaning that input signals are split so that the low frequencies are routed through the woofer while the high frequencies are routed through the tweeter. This ensures that the sound will provide as close to a full and equal range as possible.



The Klipsch KG 4 are designed to be put on the floor with a distance of at least 6-8 feet between them. The dimensions of each speaker are 24.25-by-15.75-by-10.75 inches. Although they stand relatively tall, they are still shallow so that they can be fitted into the corners of a room. They are not as large as comparable systems, so they can be moved around but still fill a room.


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