How to Hook Up Coaxial Cable to Surround Sound

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Coaxial audio cable connectors look like RCA connectors.

A coaxial cable is a digital cable commonly used to connect video sources. Coaxial audio cables look similar to coaxial video cables in that they are thick and shielded with dark tubing. The coaxial audio connector, on the other hand, has a thick prong, as compared to coaxial video cables. Coaxial cables transmit audio via electric pulses over copper wiring. Coaxial audio cables are a popular choice for connecting home audio systems due to their transmission of high quality audio for an affordable price. The solid copper wire coaxial audio cable permits the transmission of a higher fidelity digital signal, as opposed to the braided wire RCA cables.


Step 1

Position your surround sound system's audio receiver so that you can easily access the back panel.

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Step 2

Plug one end of your coaxial audio cable into the surround sound system audio receiver's "coaxial audio in" port.


Step 3

Plug the other end of the coaxial audio cable into the source of the audio. For example, if you are connecting the surround sound system to your cable television, connect the coaxial cable into the "coaxial audio out" port of the cable television receiver.


Step 4

Purchase an RCA-to-coaxial audio converter if you have only RCA ports on your audio output devices. In this case, connect your audio output device to the converter with RCA cables. Then, connect the coaxial audio cable from the converter to the coaxial input port on your surround sound system.




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