How to Connect Bluetooth With Dr. Dre Beats Headphones

By Andrew Tennyson

Your Beats by Dre headphones are equipped with a multifunction button designed to switch them into pairing mode. Once the headphones are in pairing mode, you can connect them wirelessly to your Windows 8 PC using Bluetooth technology. You can also connect them to most Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Step 1

Turn on your Beats headphones and then turn them off again. This step is only necessary if the headphones have never before been connected to a Bluetooth device.

Step 2

Press and hold down the “Multifunction” button on the headphones for 5 seconds or until the light on the right side of the headphones begins to flash. The Multifunction button is located above the “B” button on the headphones.

Step 3

Enable Bluetooth on your Windows 8 computer. Press “Windows-C” on your keyboard and click “Settings.” Select “Change PC Settings,” choose “PC and Devices” and then select “Bluetooth.” Toggle the “Bluetooth” switch to the On position to enable Bluetooth on your PC.

Step 4

Select your Beats headphones on the list of available Bluetooth devices and then click “Pair.”

Step 5

Enter “0000” as the pairing code to finish connecting your Beats headphones to your computer via Bluetooth. You only need to enter “0000” if you are prompted by your computer to enter a pairing code. Not all Beats headphones require a pairing code.

Tips & Warnings

  • To connect Beats headphones to your mobile device, enable Bluetooth on the device and then pair it with the headphones. To enable Bluetooth on iOS 8 devices including the iPhone and iPad, open the “Settings” app, select “Bluetooth” and toggle the Bluetooth switch to the On position. Tap the Beats headphones on the list of available devices and enter the pairing code “0000” if prompted. On Android devices, open the Settings app, select “Bluetooth” and toggle the switch to the On position. Select your headphones on the list of devices and enter the pairing code, if prompted.
  • The LED lights on your Beats headphones indicate the unit’s connection status. However, the way the lights work varies depending on your model of Beats headphones. On certain models, you know a connection has been established via Bluetooth when the LED light is a solid color. On other models, a slow blue flash indicates an established connection. On all models, a quickly flashing LED light indicates that the headphones are still trying to establish a connection.
  • Once you’ve connected your Beats headphones to a mobile device, you can use the buttons on the headphones to control your phone calls. Press the “B” button on the headphones to answer or end a call. Hold down the “B” button for two seconds to reject an incoming call.