How to Download Songs to MagicSing Karaoke

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Test your singing skills with MagicSing karaoke.
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The MagicSing karaoke microphone connects to any television, so you can sing along to your favorite songs with family and friends. The MagicSing microphone works with special song chips that each contain hundreds of songs. You can't download new music to the MagicSing microphone. If you have the optional Recording Pack accessory, though, you can use the microphone to record yourself singing. When you finish, you can download the recording to your computer. It's possible to download a recording to any other Recording Pack for use on the microphone.


Step 1

Power off the MagicSing microphone. Place the Recording Pack chip in one of the microphone slots. Power on the microphone.

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Step 2

Select a song to record, and then press "Mode" and "Rec" together. The song starts to play. Sing along to record your voice with the song. Press "Play/Stop" to end the recording before the song stops playing.


Step 3

Install the Download Manager that came with the Recording Pack chip. Insert the included Data CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. When the InstallShield Wizard runs, click the desired language. Click "Next" twice. Click "Install" and then click "Finish."


Step 4

Double-click on the USB driver icon on your desktop. Click "OK" and "Next." Enter your name or a company name. Click "Next" and "Continue Anyway." Click "Finish."


Step 5

Connect the included USB cable, adapter and seven-pin cable to the MagicSing microphone. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Power on the microphone. Click "Next" and "Continue Anyway."


Step 6

Click "Next" and "Finish." Double-click on the USB Download Manager icon to open the program.

Step 7

Click "List" in the toolbar. Click on a recorded song and then click "Read" to transfer it to the computer. To download a recording to any Recording Pack, click "Write."




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